Orphanages we Support

Colors of Roses Foundation is proud of several milestone achievements. We've realized the goal of providing a greenhouse to an orphanage. We have realized the goal of bringing sustainability to these orphans. We have set the blueprint that will sustain many orphanages, and We have succeeded with a model that will be emulated by manyFrom here, many orphans and orphanages will cease to become dependents of aid, charity and goodwill. They will become valuable members of society and contribute greatly to nation building. Using these greenhouses, they will grow their produce, sell the excesses and acquire transferable skills that will be useful thereafter. In  July 2016, The Helping Hands Children's Home becomes the first of many orphanages in the Cameroon to benefit from our One Greenhouse One Orphanage project in partnership with the GreenHouse Ventures Foundation. This is one way we are living up to our mission; to promote sustainable living.

A Presentation by Mr. Roland Fomundam, CEO of GreenHouse Ventures

Meet Kingsley; Managing Director of the GreenHouse at Helping Hands Children's Home

Kingsley is Trained on How to Manage and Grow Crops Using the Greenhouse Technology