Our Dedicated Volunteers

Operations & Logistics Coordinator

Rachel Hanson

Rachel Hanson volunteer as Operations & Logistics Coordinator for Colors of Roses Foundation where she covers projects in Africa mainly Cameroon and Ghana. She holds B.S. Degree in Biology from the University of Maryland Eastern Shore and M.S. degree in Cell and Organ systems from the University of Delaware. She works with our solutions team in order to assess and guarantee excellence in delivery humanitarian needs to the rural areas in Cameroon and Ghana. She conducts initial country assessment, identifies and secures team facilities and will manage essential operations and logistics functions on behalf of the team deployed for the mission. Rachel is very passionate about helping the less fortunate and her contributions are very much cherished.

Healthcare Service Coordinator

Olivia Dasi

I am happy to share my experience working as a healthcare  service coordinator for Colors of Roses Foundation. As a certified pharmacy technician, I was able to apply my knowledge on a global platform during the planning of the first annual humanitarian health mission to Cameroon. I had the opportunity to apply pharmacy laws and regulations with respect to drug use and medication safety. I also increased my knowledge on international pharmaceutical policies and procedures as mentioned in the WHO model list of essential medicines. As an aspiring Pharmacist, volunteering for Colors of Roses Foundation is a stepping stone to reaching my career goals.