Board of Directors - Treasurer


Tracy Agbor, MSW

It all starts with having a passion for something and determining the purpose for that passion. Tracy A. Agbor has always had a passion in child welfare and strongly believes that all children, irrelevant of background, should have a great amount of happiness and a fair share in the pursuit of a respectable life. With these views, Tracy pursued a career in Social Work and obtained a Master’s Degree in 2013. Since then, she continuously serves a varied population of both children and adults who are challenged with socio-economic issues as well as mental health problems.

Born in Cameroon, West Africa, Tracy has experienced and observed the challenges of many who have limited access to the daily basic necessities of life. It is her hope that through the Colors of Roses Foundation, her passion for child welfare will go beyond the shores of the western world and reach many who are in need of support, encouragement, and a friendly voice.